Published 19 July 2022

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A fabulous array of entertainers and story tellers will be strolling through The Lexicon during the ten-day campaign.

The Forest Flippers - 24/8; 26/8; 29/8 and 2/9

Good friends with Will Wildwood, this energetic crew love flipping and being fast paced throughout the forest and enjoying nature to the MAX!

These impressive parkour acrobats will be bringing their skills and styles to The Lexicon with pop up performances that will impress and inspire all ages. 

Musical Tales & Trails - 24/8; 25/8; 29/8; 30/8; 31/8; 1/9 and 2/9

Free outdoor interactive shows travelling starting from Wise Woodland on Braccan Walk North and ending up in Princess Square.

The Tales & Trails team will have a special supply of our free limited-edition pop-badges (while stocks last) featuring our Seedling Sprites to hand out. They are also available by making a pledge with Elderma The Forest Guardian, visiting The Night Forest theatre show or completing the Seedling Sprites trail.

Forest Folk Band - 25/8; 26/8; 27/8; 28/8; 3/9 and 4/9

Enjoy quality family folk entertainment – let the music play!

Tall Trees Tales Storyteller - 27/8; 30/8; 1/9 and 3/9

Bringing the stories of the Forest Giants to life with magical words and enchanting performances will be the Tall Trees Storyteller.  

With local folk tales from the forest that inspire and delight, this is storytelling at its best.

Treefellas - 28/8; 31/8 and 4/9

Come and have fun with this delightful duo of roaming tree characters. 

These striking Treefellas instantly capture the imagination of everyone they meet, with heart-warming street theatre for all ages. Look out for them each weekday.

Please note there will be photographers and/or videographers in town for Bracknell Forest Festival. Images taken will be used by The Lexicon and Bracknell Forest Council for publicity and marketing purposes.

Event dates

Between 24 Aug 2022 - 04 Sep 2022

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