The Lexicon is delighted to announce that it has awarded four donations to charitable causes within the borough of Bracknell Forest, through The Lexicon Charity Fund.

Pilgrim Hearts Trust receives £2,000 to help cover the provision of a freephone line to its client helpline for one year: The group addresses the needs of the homeless by providing a warm, safe bed and hot meals each night, so they do not have to sleep on the streets. The group also helps by offering them advice, training and encouragement to boost their self-esteem and help find employment and housing.

Berkshire Search and Rescue Dogs receives £2,000 to fund a pocket defibrillator: A portable light weight defibrillator will permit the search teams to make the decision to carry the defibrillator on a search. The pocket defibrillator will be deployed on all searches (on average at least once a week) The defibrillator will also be deployed during weekly training sessions in the forests around Bracknell as this will add to the safety of the search teams.

Meadow Vale Primary PTA receives £1,500 towards its pond regeneration project: The Pond Regeneration Project is part of the school development plan for outdoor learning. The school has extensive groups which have huge potential for learning outside and there is an eagerness to return the pond to its former glory!

Winkfield St. Marys Church of England Primary School receives £2,000 for an item of equipment specifically for the garden: To completely re-develop and improve the Reception and Key Stage 1 Quiet Garden. Establishing an area for younger children to be able to go and be able to be calm and relaxed, to teach children about the world in developing plants and promoting wildlife.

Sue Boor, head of marketing at The Lexicon says: “We held a number of community events and activities, that helped to raise money for the fund. We are delighted to be able to offer support to charities based in the borough and look forward to seeing these projects come to life in 2021.”

The Lexicon Charity Fund is managed in conjunction with Berkshire Community Foundation [BCF], an independent charity that connects local people with local causes and projects.

Anita Herbert, Community Impact Manager at the Berkshire Community Foundation said: “During the pandemic BCF has seen a huge amount of requests from charities and community groups seeking funds and support. The needs are often greater than the amount of money available, however we are delighted that The Lexicon has played a vital part in supporting four organisations and over 9,000 people in Bracknell with their Charity Fund. The grants given by The Lexicon will go a very long way to help these organisations continue the amazing work that they do, particularly through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.”