Pupils from seven secondary schools in Bracknell Forest, shared their artistic contribution to The Lexicon this week with seven giant decorated speech marks bringing the new town centre’s branding to life.

Marking one month since The Lexicon opened, the artwork follows a theme of ‘My Bracknell’, featuring the local area’s greenery, fashion, points of interest, history and leisure.

Mrs Saunders, Head of Art, at Garth Hill College said: “All 30 students from year 7 and 8, worked incredibly hard in art club afterschool to create an amazing art piece for The Lexicon.” 

The pieces from Edgbarrow School, Sandhurst School, Brakenhale School, Ranelagh School, Garth Hill College, Easthampstead Park School and College Hall will be on display at The Lexicon from today.

Sue Boor, Head of Marketing, at The Lexicon says: “We are delighted with the time and effort that the local secondary school students have taken to produce such detailed, colourful art speech marks encompassing what The Lexicon means to them. With so many different styles and themes, the artwork perfectly complements The Lexicon and its surrounding areas and is sure to become a big talking point!”