The penultimate summer 2019 The Lexicon Proms series will be held on Saturday, August 3 2019.

The free event will take place from 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm, and visitors are invited to join in the fun by taking a seat on the giant grass covered steps overlooking Bond Square. Visitors can enjoy a fabulous celebration of musical entertainment, with a Jurassic theme to welcome The Lexicon’s T-Rex Encounter to the town centre!

Local singer, songwriter, and a The Lexicon regular, Abi Powell will open the Show, entertaining visitors with a selection of her own songs and well-known popular favourites.

Next up is the wonderfully eccentric The Spicy Ukulele Duo! Ready to electrify The Lexicon Proms, The Spicy Ukulele Duo will play and perform songs from; the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Sure to get the crowd in the mood, these talented performers have beautifully designed costumes, and will finish their act by wandering through the crowd.

And finally, Ducie Jazz, a collection of the finest jazz musicians will perform a range of cool jazz band repertoires from Ella Fitzgerald to Frank Sinatra and Peggy Lee!

Sue Boor, head of marketing at The Lexicon says: “With the T-Rex Encounter arriving in town, we can’t wait to celebrate with the local community on Saturday, August 3. We’ll have special Jurassic themed performances from our acts, as well plenty of dino-themed fun for the whole family to enjoy. With thousands of people already attending previous events this year, we’re hoping to host an even bigger crowd at the penultimate event in The Lexicon Proms series, for a free, family friendly music event.”

The TGI Fridays team will be in Bond Square handing out plenty of surprises during the performances, and visitors will also have the opportunity to take part in a raffle draw to win one of two £50 TGI Fridays vouchers.

The final The Lexicon Proms will take place on September 7 2019.